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About Us
The four Doohan sisters work together on their small family dairy farm in the Heartland of USA. There are only 12,000 small family farms left in America and the challenges at present are staggering. When the four young Doohan sisters (Colleen, Kelsey, Bridgette, and Katie) were barely teens they  realized a dream to dance but had no privileged economic status to enable them to pursue lessons. The sisters did not give up and joined with community youngsters teaching themselves by video and dancing in their garage.  The passion grew and they created the Doohan Heritage Foundation - a Nonprofit  which enables  talented under privileged young artist/dancers through education and performance opportunities to showcase their fiery passion of Heritage Arts (such as Irish step dancing).

The Doohan Sisters would like to take this opportunity to thank you for believing  in their dream. Their growing troop of dancers are privileged to be your Goodwill Dance/Music/Song Ambassadors inspiring audiences around the country and uniting our global community.

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░░█░░█░█░█░█░█░█░██░██░░  (4 sisters behind the scenes) VIDEO 2010


Hatikvah Israeli Anthem  -  HEBREW ACAPELLA

Demons-Angel Drama and Dance - at DAVID CITADEL 

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